This website is all about food. Learn how to enjoy food, cooking & entertaining. It’s not about fancy or complicated. It’s about good food. Real food. There will always be a featured drink or recipe of the month. Most of the recipes are original with a few exceptions and adjustments.

There is nothing like a fresh brewed cup of quality coffee. There is nothing like a smooth glass of red wine. And yes…… you can eat potatoes. Potatoes are real food.

“Meals will never be good quality if the ingredients are not good quality.” 

Holidays are here! Comfort food, treats, giving, citrus, holiday lights ( colored lights preferred) and snow.  Enjoy favorite  holiday recipes below.

individual apple pies with white cheddar

vegan nut turnovers

pumpkin bread with streusel topping

turkey, basmati and wild rice casserole

classic sweet potato casserole

Paula Deen’s sweet potato balls

butternut squash and saffron risotto

baked butternut squash with parmesan and panko

grandma’s green bean casserole

acorn squash orecchiette

chicken or turkey marsala

roasted chardonnay chicken

noodle kugel

reduced fat funeral potatoes

brussels sprouts with lemon and pine nuts

crab-stuffed chicken breasts

chicken stuffed with brie and pear chutney

chicken in phyllo dough

sherried crab fondue in bread pot

shrimp and crab au gratin

crab and havarti risotto

crab fritters

apricot brandy pork medallions

 beef bourguignon

pork tenderloin with roasted cherries and shallots

Mike’s shrimp cocktail

turkey and cranberry party sandwiches

cheesy crab triangles

spinach dip

mushrooms stuffed with blue cheese

blue cheese ball

crab and cream cheese spread

giant coffee cake

cheesy eggs baked with tarragon and leeks

french toast casserole

apple and spiced baked french toast

bacon and cheese casserole

buttermilk malted waffles

coconut rum french toast








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