This website is all about food. Learn how to enjoy food, cooking & entertaining. It’s not about fancy or complicated. It’s about good food. Real food. There will always be a featured  recipe of the month. Most of the recipes are original along with the best recipes I have found from various sources.

There is nothing like a fresh brewed cup of quality coffee. There is nothing like a smooth glass of red wine. And yes…… you can eat potatoes. Potatoes are real food.

“Meals will never be good quality if the ingredients are not good quality.” 

The beginning of the year is always time for a new start. I like to start the year with clean eating and fresh citrus. The recipes below are great winter and healthy recipes. Bon Appetit!

grape and quinoa salad

broccoli salad

roasted beet salad

crunchy quinoa salad with honey dressing

chickpea salad

celery salad with walnuts and parmesan

mixed greens power salad

chopped greek salad

pearl couscous salad with key lime dressing

spicy butternut squash salad with apple cider and maple vinaigrette

roasted veggies

roasted tomato and feta quinoa

perfect veggie chili

winter vegetables with curry coconut sauce

pesto sauce

brussels sprouts with lemon and pine nuts

chicken orange stir-fry

lemon chicken

chicken burritos

lime shallot chicken

Thai chicken

chicken soup

quick, delicious orange roughy

dijon mustard salmon

roasted cod with almond-thyme breadcrumbs

shrimp teriyaki stir fry

skillet salmon with toasted sesame seeds


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