Learn how to enjoy food, cooking & entertaining. It’s not about fancy or complicated. It’s about good food. Real food. Everything in moderation. Most of the recipes are original along with the best recipes I have found from various sources.

There is nothing like a fresh brewed cup of quality coffee. There is nothing like a smooth glass of red wine. And yes…… you can eat potatoes. Potatoes are real food.

“Meals will never be good quality if the ingredients are not good quality.” 

Summer means fun drinks, grilling (charcoal preferred) fresh fruit and veggies and fresh salads. Enjoy the recipes below.

simple but good coleslaw

tomato, cucumber and feta salad

grape tomato, walnut and blue cheese salad

broccoli salad

chickpea salad

fruit & nut slaw with blue cheese

celery salad with walnuts and parmesan

BLT pasta salad

Blueberry and feta bulgur salad with mint dressing

grilled peach salad

chopped greek salad

Jan’s potato salad

roasted potatoes

Laura’s redskin potatoes

orzo with sunburst tomatoes and goat cheese

summer penne with chevre

grilled pineapple

roasted yellow potatoes

pesto sauce

rigatoni with grilled corn, goat cheese and pistachios

brussels sprouts with lemon and pine nuts

summer heirloom tomato bake

chicken salad

pan fried lake perch with dill

spicy, grilled pork tenderloin

slow cooked ribs


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