simple but good appetizers people will love

I am not a fan of serving chips and dip. I my opinion it is not entertaining food.The dip looks unappetizing and runny. Dips in general do not thrill me. Once in a while I will serve veggies and dip. It is all about the crowd. Know your audience. Although, my husband does make a really good spinach dip…………

fruit kabobs– First, buy fun skewers. You can find these at party supply stores. I have found them with flowers, pinwheels, etc. I like to buy strawberries, large blackberries, maraschino cherries and pineapple. It is your preference! Any fruit will do, except for bananas or blueberries. The cherries add fun and a cocktail touch. When arranged on a tray, it is pleasing to the eye and festive.

Hawaiian kabobs- Smokey links ( grilled) on a skewer with grilled pineapple. Add a cherry!

Pigs in blanket- The easiest to make and kids and adults like these, except vegetarians. My version: Instead of the lil’ smokies, I buy regular sized smokey links and cut them smaller. They taste better and are not dimpled. Pepperidge Farm crescent rolls do the trick. Cut these into strips and wrap around links. Cook for about 10 minutes at the temperature on the crescent roll container. Serve with different mustards.

Salami and cheese- Start with a good quality salami from a deli or wine shop. We like to buy paprika salami. Cut into cubes. A good provolone pairs nicely with salami. Often times I will serve a sharp cheddar or a hard Italian cheese as well. Buy cheeses at a wine shop or in the fine cheese section of the grocery store. Place on a large platter with toothpicks. Serve with light crackers.

Olives: A variety of olives and pickles. Serve pitted Kalamata olives, classic green olives and small sweet pickles.

German Cambozola cheese on a cracker with thin sliced radishes– a wonderful cheese, sometimes referred to as blue brie. It spreads nicely. Top with a radish slice on top of a water cracker.

Nuts: Salted mixed nuts or cashews are the best for entertaining.

Chocolates: Dark chocolates taste great with pungent cheeses. Throw a few on a plate.

Lastly, display a mix of vegetarian, meat and more filling starters. Examples would be a puffed pastry appetizer, fruit and salami chunks.