what to serve for picky eaters

We know who they are. The people who like nothing. They do not like onions, mushrooms, asparagus, brussel sprouts, olives, hummus, spinach, tomatoes, and the list goes on. I am not referring to people who do not eat any kind of meat or fish, I feel this crowd is much easier to please than the people who only like meat and potatoes……

So we all know and love people like this. What do we serve?

Serve chicken or pork tenderloin. Most people like both. Do not use a ton of spice, but enough to give it flavor. Try to steer clear of spices like curry, oregano, red pepper, ginger, cumin and dill. These spices are stronger. Basil, rosemary, paprika and garlic are pretty safe.

Serve potatoes (not rice or couscous). Try roasted, mashed, baked or cheese potatoes ( if onions are involved, cut very small or use onion powder). Onion powder is a nice trick…. Picky eaters do not like chunks or pieces of onion, they do not seem to mind the taste.

Serve green beans or salad. Prepare a salad with croutons, cucumbers without seeds and Parmesan cheese. These are safe vegetable choices. I really do not like to serve corn. Maybe corn on the cob in the summer……..

Serve brownies, cookies or cake for dessert. Picky eaters might not like anything with filling. Have a variety of salad dressings on hand, it might be wise not to dress the salad and let people choose.

If you are serving brunch or breakfast, have a variety of juices available. Not everybody likes coffee. I know it is a shame…….. Depending on the pickiness, they may not like eggs. I find picky eaters only like eggs and bacon for breakfast or go the other way and dislike eggs and like sweet foods such as pancakes and french toast. In both cases, it is probably safe to steer clear of egg casseroles unless they have ingredients in them such as yellow cheese, ham and bacon…. Have bagels. Most everyone likes bagels. Fruit goes over well, too. Most people like bacon, more so than sausage. With sausage it might be they like patties and not links, etc………. So, bacon is the safest. Regular pork bacon.

In a hurry? Buy donuts! Most people like donuts.