crispy almond french toast

This recipe makes 8 pieces.


Sliced Italian or firm bakery bread

3 eggs

1 cup milk

1 cup almonds ground

1 tbs almond extract

2 tbs raw sugar

canola or vegetable oil

  • Slice bread into 8 slices, not too thin
  • Mix eggs, milk and almond extract in a bowl
  • Ground up almonds ( in a coffee grinder or a food processor)
  • Toast almond grounds in oven or toaster oven for a about 10 minutes at 300 degrees
  • Add 1 tablespoon sugar in the raw to almond mixture
  • Grease griddle with vegetable oil and turn onto french toast setting listed on griddle (usually 375 degrees)
  • Dip bread in egg mixture
  • Dredge bread in almond mixture
  • Place on griddle, sprinkle remaining tbs sugar over the tops of bread pieces
  • Flip after a few minutes

Serve with grilled chicken sausage or bacon

A Jackie O Recipe