The Best sloppy joes you will ever have


2 lbs lean ground beef or dark ground turkey
Lipton onion soup, 1 pkg.
Sweet Baby Rays Barbeque sauce, 1 bottle
Hot sauce (Franks is good)
Brown Sugar
a shot of mustard
1 pkg frozen Three Blend peppers (this is optional, I usually just cut up one green pepper)
1 can tomato soup
  • Cook the ground beef with the Lipton onion soup.  After the ground beef is cooked, Add the barbeque sauce and the soup.
    Add veggies.
  • Cook and let simmer for a while then add some hot sauce (to taste), and 1.5 tablespoons of brown sugar, (again, to taste), add a shot of mustard.
  •  Let simmer for about an hour, and then use more hot sauce, brown sugar, to taste.   if it gets too dry add ketchup or water.
  • You’ll have to just add the hot sauce, brown sugar, ketchup to get the taste you want.

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