salmon cake salad

My grandmother loved to make salmon patties. My version is similar to a crab cake, only with salmon. Enjoy! Serves 2.


1 small can pink boneless, skinless salmon

pine nuts

vidalia onion

dried cranberries

1/2 cup plain bread crumbs

1 egg


1 lemon

green leaf lettuce

Serve with your favorite vinaigrette dressing.



  • Mix salmon, egg, breadcrumbs and dill
  • Add canola or vegetable oil to a frying pan
  • Form 2 salmon cakes into patties (add more bread crumbs if needed)
  • Fry on each side until crispy, squeeze 1/2 lemon onto each side of cakes while frying
  • Tear lettuce, chop onion, add cranberries, pine nuts and salmon on top
  • Mix dressing and add to salad
 A Jackie O’ Recipe