weekly meal planning

Sometimes it is difficult to fix nutritious meals during the week when work is involved or there are events in the evenings.  Really it’s simple.  Below are ideas to make it work and a few recipe examples.

  • Make casseroles or roasts on the days you have more time. Sunday is perfect.
  • Use the crock pot
  • Make chili and soups
  • Make spaghetti sauce
  • Scrambled eggs, toast and fruit is healthy and quick. Much better than fast food.
  • Quick cooking oatmeal
  • Make chicken ahead of time and use the chicken later in the week for chicken salads or the quick chicken recipe below
  • Boil eggs ahead of time and peel. Quickly make egg salad the next day. Serve with fruit.
  • Grilled peanut butter on whole wheat bread. Add banana for fun.
  • Roast or mash potatoes ahead of time. Be sure to eat these the next day, they are not as good a few days later.
  • Make vegetable salads ahead. For example, pea salad or broccoli salad.

Make ahead of time:

turkey, basmati and wild rice casserole

turkey black bean chili

chicken salad

grape and quinoa salad

scalloped potatoes with cheese

eggplant parmesan

cheddar vegetable soup

roasted potatoes

roasted yellow potatoes

chicken and wild rice casserole

perfect pork loin

slow-cooker pot roast

spicy chili with beer

eggplant bake with chicken and orzo

goodbye turkey casserole

the best sloppy joes you will ever have

smoked paprika crock pot chicken

perfect veggie chili

reduced fat funeral potatoes

Quick Meals:

spicy, grilled pork tenderloin

honey-pecan chicken strips

lemon chicken

chicken burritos

sweet and sour chicken

veggie fajitas

summer penne with chevre

teriyaki vegetable stir fry

teriyaki chicken stir fry





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