cooking with wine

Rule: Do not cook with cooking wine.

Below are recipes including wine. I have listed my recommendations next to each recipe.

button mushrooms in wine  Port or Sweet Marsala (in the wine aisle, medium price range is fine)

orzo with sunburst tomatoes and goat cheese  Pinot Grigio (Cavit is inexpensive, but good)

rotini and radiatori with marsala sauce  Marsala (sweet)

port wine chicken  Port (medium range price in wine aisle)

lemon risotto  Pinot Grigio

marinara sauce Cabernet, Merlot or Pinot Noir. I have used Marsala before in a pinch.

chicken or turkey marsala Marsala (sweet)

lemon chicken  Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay

scallops with lemon and brandy  Brandy (Christian Brothers will do)

crab and havarti risotto Pinot Grigio

shrimp and crab au gratin Pinot Grigio

sherried crab fondue in bread pot  Sherry (in wine aisle)

pork marsala  Marsala (sweet)

lemon pork  Pinot Grigio

filet mignon with red wine  Cabernet or Pinot Noir