my choices for types of wine in certain regions

Chardonnay– California.  There are very good Chardonnays that are produced in California.  Some people prefer a lighter Chardonnay rather than a heavy oak taste.

Gewurztraminer-France, Germany, Austria or California.

Pinot Grigio- Italy.  I feel like Italy produces better varieties than California.

Sauvignon Blanc– New Zealand.  California varieties are very different and golden in color.  I prefer the light color and the grapefruit, crisp taste of New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs.

Cabernet Sauvignon– California.

Merlot– Experiment with this! I have had good Merlot from California, Chile and Australia.

Syrah/Shiraz– Australia and California.

Pinot Noir– Oregon, California and France.

Zinfandel– Oregon and California.

Chianti– Italy.