popular white grape varieties

Chardonnay– golden in color and can be rich and outside of France can have more of an oak taste. French and New Zealand Chardonnays are lighter. This is popular when making sparkling wines.  Great with chicken, cheeses and dishes with rich sauces.

Chenin Blanc– originated in the Loire Valley of France.  A dry, highly acidic wine.

Gewurztraminer– highly aromatic, almost perfume like scent, not dry.  This wine pairs nicely with spicy pork, chicken or turkey.

Pinot Grigio (Italy)/Pinot Gris- a light, crisp, refreshing versatile wine with pear, apple or melon aromas.  Pinot Grigio pairs well with pasta, chicken, seafood, pork and cheeses.

Sauvignon Blanc– my favorite white. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is so much different and preferred by me. They are lighter in color, grapefruit and or tropical aromas and light and crisp. California or France varieties are more golden and taste similar to Chardonnay.  Great with seafood, pork or Asian food.

Riesling– a sweeter wine originating in Germany with a flowery aroma and high acidity.  Try Michigan varieties!

Semillon-the major white grape in the Bordeaux wine regions of France.  This wine is heavier with a low acidity.

Soave– an Italian wine golden green in color, gentle and light with a slight bitter finish.  Try this with bold, spicy foods or with pizza.